The Beautiful Rush

Wednesday, May 03, 2006

That Driving Beat

Happened to be reading the Wikepedia entry for Northen Soul the other day, and while ,by and large, it is factually correct , I think it fails to capture the true essence of the scene at its peak in the early to mid Seventies.
It was a truly underground thing with no media attention whatsoever. It was fuelled by amphetimines a string of burgled chemist shops the length of the Pennine corridor and determined record hunters making transatlantic journeys to find new 45's (see The Last Record Shop)
Anyway it reminded me of an extensive interview with Keb Darge which in my opinion is as close to anything that accurately captures the spirit of NS.
Alternately funny ,moving, scary,if you are only even remotely interested to find out what it was all about, you must listen to this . Its the real deal.
Over to Mr Darge.

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