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Saturday, April 22, 2006


If you're fascinated by all things Detroit like most Northern Soul punters heres a great podcast looking behind the scenes of some legendary Detroit artists and records.John recalls his seven years working on the Detroit music scene as engineer producer and musician before moving on to Capitol Records. Some great anecdotes including a recording session busted up by Berry Gordys heavys.
A personal thanks to John as the songwriter of the beautiful "Time Will Pass You By" I always loved the lyrics of that song!

Music included in the podcast :-

Aint it Baby - Kenny Gamble and the Romeos (Arctic)
Think Of The Good Times - Sam Bowie And The Blue Feelings (Wingate)
Somethings You Never Get Used To - Barbara Mercer (Unreleased)

Happiness - Shades Of Blue (Impact)
The Night - Shades Of Blue (Impact)
Agent Double O Soul- Edwin Starr (Golden World)
Hold On To What Youv'e Got - Anthony Raye (Impact)
Give Me One More Chance - Anthony Raye (Impact)
Open The Door To Your Heart - Darrel Banks (Revilot)
You Got To Give Her Love - The Volumes ( ?)
Time Will Pass You By - Tobi Legend (Mala)
Oh How Happy - Shades Of Blue (Impact)
MC Twine - Matt Lucas (Karen)
The Trouble Ive Seen - The Volumes (Impact).

Available here at the excellent Blue Power.

Another fantastic site for the history of the Detroit soulscene :-


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