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Thursday, April 06, 2006


The biennial Fuse festival returns. Running between 6 - 13 May.
Names of note include Michael Nyman, Salif Kieta, Hanif Kureshei,Max Richter, London Sinfoniaietta featuring Anthony(from the Johnsons) Sister Bliss and Chicago legend Ken Vandermark.

By the way if anyone got the sonic 2004 Fuse appearance of Yo La Tengo which was broadcast live on R3's Mixing It; Care to Share?


  • At 3:25 PM, Blogger MoogPower said…

    Oh sounds good to me too.

    Don't they do that live broadcast yearly - to help support the radio station. Isn't that where listeners ring up & YLT play impromptu versions of those songs.

    I hear that they are going to be releasing some of that material soon. I assume it will be more fun than their serious music, but I'm sure it's worth a listen.

    I have 2004 YLT (All request marathon from the radio). Fun stuff, but I'd say you gotta be a huge YLT fan to really get into it.



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