The Beautiful Rush

Wednesday, May 03, 2006

That Driving Beat

Happened to be reading the Wikepedia entry for Northen Soul the other day, and while ,by and large, it is factually correct , I think it fails to capture the true essence of the scene at its peak in the early to mid Seventies.
It was a truly underground thing with no media attention whatsoever. It was fuelled by amphetimines a string of burgled chemist shops the length of the Pennine corridor and determined record hunters making transatlantic journeys to find new 45's (see The Last Record Shop)
Anyway it reminded me of an extensive interview with Keb Darge which in my opinion is as close to anything that accurately captures the spirit of NS.
Alternately funny ,moving, scary,if you are only even remotely interested to find out what it was all about, you must listen to this . Its the real deal.
Over to Mr Darge.

Have a look around the other Ducktape pages theres some interesting stuff and some fine audio.

Friday, April 28, 2006


Whilst scratching around trying to find some current news on Gil Scott Heron - without success -I happened upon Sir Noze's Tales Of Gil Scott Heron blog. With the emphasis on rarely heard live recordings by GSH my advice is Go Here :-

GSH celebrated his fifty seventh birthday on the first of April. Good health man.
On a sadder note Barnett Williams percusionist passed on in March, aged 61.
Barnett collaborated with Brian Jackson/GSH as percussionist with the Midnight Band. Heres a great evocotive account from Brian Jackson himself on the first fateful meeting with Barnett Williams.;f=2;t=000272

The image of Gil (above) is the creation of muscician/artist Ra aka Raul Sinier.

Thursday, April 27, 2006

soul jazz records @ resonance fm

Those prolific re-issuers of Studio One niceness and other interesting things now have a weekly show on Resonance FM (Thurdsays 21:30 GMT).

" Soul Jazz Records present a series of musical journeys in time and space from digital dub to Mississippi swamp rock, yoruba drums to soul gospel.
Each week the show is based around a specific musical theme, ie:
Tropicala, Gospel, Deep Jazz, Brazillian Rock and more!
Each musical theme is given a cultural,social and historical context
during the show. "

Wednesday, April 26, 2006


Three nice slices of unmistakably Sly early Seventies funk on the Stone Flower label.
Girl trio Little Sister consisted of Vaetta Stewart (Sly's little sis),
Mary McCreary and Elva Moulton.
"Somebodys Watching You" realeased late 1970 is significant in recording history, being the first record to include a drum machine.

Saturday, April 22, 2006


If you're fascinated by all things Detroit like most Northern Soul punters heres a great podcast looking behind the scenes of some legendary Detroit artists and records.John recalls his seven years working on the Detroit music scene as engineer producer and musician before moving on to Capitol Records. Some great anecdotes including a recording session busted up by Berry Gordys heavys.
A personal thanks to John as the songwriter of the beautiful "Time Will Pass You By" I always loved the lyrics of that song!

Music included in the podcast :-

Aint it Baby - Kenny Gamble and the Romeos (Arctic)
Think Of The Good Times - Sam Bowie And The Blue Feelings (Wingate)
Somethings You Never Get Used To - Barbara Mercer (Unreleased)

Happiness - Shades Of Blue (Impact)
The Night - Shades Of Blue (Impact)
Agent Double O Soul- Edwin Starr (Golden World)
Hold On To What Youv'e Got - Anthony Raye (Impact)
Give Me One More Chance - Anthony Raye (Impact)
Open The Door To Your Heart - Darrel Banks (Revilot)
You Got To Give Her Love - The Volumes ( ?)
Time Will Pass You By - Tobi Legend (Mala)
Oh How Happy - Shades Of Blue (Impact)
MC Twine - Matt Lucas (Karen)
The Trouble Ive Seen - The Volumes (Impact).

Available here at the excellent Blue Power.

Another fantastic site for the history of the Detroit soulscene :-


There's a sonic live gig by keyboardist Michael Benevento available at DarkFunk (link below).This isnt breaking news as its been there a while,but for those who weren't aware its well worth checking out.
It was recorded at the Zeitgiest Gallery , Cambridge Ma. last August.

Theres also three great Miles Davis gigs from Europe in '69. Miles Davis(tp) Wayne Shorter (ss ts) Chick Corea(el p) Dave Holland (b, eb) Jack de Johnette (d).
Theres also a boot of Herbie Hancock and the Headhunters line up from Michigan 73 but alas the sound quality is prety naff.

Monday, April 10, 2006


This is an amazing story of a record store that closed its doors and remained as a time capsule for decades. Its also a story of persistence of UK record dealer John Anderson.
Enjoy the story and the photos.

Friday, April 07, 2006


Just taken a mooch round the archives of Funk and Soul.blogspot and recommend you take a look as well. Their updates are not as frequent as they once were,but always quality. Easy enough material to do a couple of mix CDs.
They wont be around forever.
Still up.

Ray Frazier - This Loneliness
Theron and Darell - I Was Made To love Her
Eunice Collins - At The Hotel
Harvey Scales - Dont You Ever Let It End
Hank Johnson - You Lost Your Thing
Larry Mayfield - Love Crave
Raj - Something Inside
Ronnie West - Lil' Woman
And quite a bit more!!


Great article from the Guardian. Particularly the findings of Leicester Univerity.The quote is very telling regarding the relationship between people and music in the easy access digital age.

Foonote: Coincidentaly I found Miles Davis "Collectors Items" on Prestige7044 in a charity shop in Leeds yesterday It should have cost £1.50,but by surruptisiously removing a 50p sticker from a Perry Como LP I got it for a third of the price. To say its 60 years old both sleeve and vinylvare in great condition. Lesser finds were a Red Garland Trio LP (1978) 99p Best Of Stevie Wonder Volume 2 (Stone cold mint)1971 great cover design 99p.